The speech and occupational therapy services my daughter receives are outstanding. The staff accommodate my daughters special needs. They try to find ways for her to be successful with patience and understanding. My daughter has been using the Interactive Metronome and other therapy techniques. Her memory skills have increased, her furstration level has lowered and she is more focused. This has increased her confidence which has helped her to be more successful at school and in social settings. A big thank you!


My lower back felt weak and I had pain going down my leg. I now have much less pain and my back is getting stronger. I'm more limber and the muscles in my back are no longer tight. You have a great program and we're fortunate to have your services.

Marryl O

I came to the clinic for pain. I had right neck and shoulder pain and radiating pain and numbness down the right arm. It also caused headaches. My pain and numbness diminished substantially. I had excellent therapy.


My knee is bending and moving better than it has in years. I'm now walking and even doing stairs! Everyone always has a smile and is more than anxious to help- from the front desk to all the therapists. You have a very well maintained facility staffed by caring people.

Bonnie N

I had severe pain and numbness in my hands and arms. I wasn't able to grip things for very long and it was difficult to sleep. I'm doing much better. My pain and numbness is much less and I can now sleep better. I received focus attention and it really helped.

Doug C

I was having severe back pain when my doctor referred me to Northern Iowa Therapy. The program was excellent! I had good service and wouldn't change a thing.

Rick H

Our son was born with a club foot. He is receiving therapy to correct his ability to stand and walk on his foot. The therapy is working and he is making improvements. The service and quality of care is absolutely wonderful! We are 100% satisfied.

Marsha J

I came in with right carpal tunnel syndrome. My hand was very weak and sensitive. The therapy was very thorough and effective. I'm back to normal! The clinic had a friendly atmosphere. I best liked the skill and confidence of the therapist. Northern Iowa Therapy clinic location is also very convenient.


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